flwrmillOUR MISSION  Provide Compassion and Care....

It is our mission, our pledge and our privilege to provide the highest standard of care at the lowest possible cost. 

Loving Care appreciates the decision of those clients who wish to remain independent (in their own home or environment of their choosing) as long as possible. Our focus is to help you attain this wish by providing personal assistance at a reasonable cost. This help may range from companionship with light housekeeping duties to personal care, depending upon your needs. Loving Care always gives the care, respect and kindness we insist on for our loved ones.

Because Loving Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, tailored to cater to specific personal needs, we are available to provide service twenty four hours per day, seven days a week. We offer flexible schedules ranging from two to twelve hour shifts and twenty four hour live-in help, conforming to your specific needs.

Loving Care has attracted and retained those caregivers that assist us with carrying out our mission. We have accomplished this by keeping administrative costs at a minimum and compensating these caregivers with some of the highest pay in the field.